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Support is a key component of the services we deliver.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide support based on what they identify as a need when we meet with them.

We have staff working in Remutaka, Arohata and Manawatu Prisons. In addition we have a volunteer team visiting Manawatu Prison every week.

Most of our work relates to preparing people in prison for release and supporting those already released to successfully rebuild their lives. Because of the large number of people in prison we tend to focus on those coming up for release in the next three months.

We provide support for as long as needed and don’t need a formal referral to work with someone. Self-referrals are common and but we also accept referrals from Prisons, Probation and other social service agencies. A referral can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other ways we can assist include talking to case managers about health issues, assisting with obtaining ID, providing information on a range of services that will be useful on release, facilitating communication between the person in prison and their legal representative. 

Manawatu PARS collaborates with Manawatu Prison to provide programmes for people in prison which include weekly visiting and the Dads ‘n Books programme.


In Palmerston North we have accommodation options and receive applications for accommodation from people in prison, on their release and also from people in the community who need somewhere to live.

In other areas, we are able to refer people to accommodation providers. 


In Palmerston North our office receives items to be sent into the prison for people in their care.  This includes clothing, books, CDs, etc.  Family members can drop these items into the office between 10.00am and 3.00pm weekdays. 

Family Travel Fund:

Contact your local PARS service if you are travelling with children to visit a parent in prison.  The National Child Travel fund is available to help with costs for this. 

Support for Deportees:

PARS provides intensive support to New Zealanders that have been deported from Australia through its community reintegration services.

In Palmerston North, Whare Whakatika also provides a supported accommodation service for deportees. The service is multi-pronged and client driven to ensure each individual’s needs are met. During their time in the service the client is assisted to re-establish their lives, plan their future and take action to achieve their goals. Towards the end of the programme they will be supported to settle into their chosen community in the central or lower north island and connected with agencies that will continue to assist them with their reintegration plan.